Soy Supply Chains

A soy plant produces 60 to 80 pods with three pea-sized beans in each. Its adaptability gives it a wide growing range across different areas of major producing countries.
A bushel of soybeans weighs 60 pounds and produces about 11 pounds of oil and 48 pounds of protein-rich meal (American Soybean Association). Although soybeans are considered an “oilseed,” the value of the soybean meal derived from processing a ton of soybeans usually exceeds the value of the oil (FAO). The oil is primarily used for human consumption in a wide variety of food products, and the meal is predominantly put to use as animal feed. Soybeans are the world’s largest source of animal protein feed and the second-largest source of vegetable oil (USDA). Other soy products are used in a broad range of foods from tofu to candy bars.
Where we operate
Globiva has a significant presence in soybean supply chains. We buy soy from farmers across major production areas, particularly the U.S., Brazil and Argentina. We process soybeans into a wide variety of food and feed products, as well as biodiesel. And we use our logistical capabilities as one of the world’s largest dry bulk shippers to move soybeans and related products from the places they are most efficiently grown to markets where they are consumed. We also use soybean products as renewable substitutes for a range of petroleum-based ingredients in industrial applications such as foam for furniture and fluid for power transformers.
Please note that Globiva contract confirmations are governed by the following contracts of which are applicable when not in contradiction to the Globiva contract confirmation.
Governing contracts for Soya Bean Oil:

FOSFA 51 - FOB contract for Argentine Origin
ANEC   81 - FOB contract Brazilian Origin
FOSFA 53 - General FOB contract, applicable when not in contradiction to  FOSFA 51 & ANEC 81
FOSFA 54 - CIF contract any origin

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